Amie Engerbretson is more than a pretty face. Born in Tahoe and raised on the slopes of Squaw during the post-Hot Dog: The Movie era, Amie spent her first day on snow at 10 months old and has been skiing for the camera (and for fun!) ever since. Following in the footsteps of her former pro skier father, Jeff Engerbretson, Amie developed a unique set of skills and deep knowledge of the mountains. She’s been featured in motion and print advertising campaigns and published in international media outlets.  From skiing to mountain biking to paddle boarding, Amie’s warm personality, infectious smile, and passion for exploration are present on her many adventures. She has a bachelor’s degree in Media Management from Columbia College of Chicago and has done sports modeling for various outdoor companies.


Social Media Channels

Twitter:  @AEngerbretson
Instagram:  @AEngerbretson


Notable Accomplishments

– 10th Place Powder Reader’s Poll, 2015
– Chasing Shadows, Warren Miller Entertainment-Released in 2015
– Pretty Faces, Unicorn Picnic Production- All women’s ski film released in 2014
– Women of Skiing- Photo Gallery; over 500,000 views to date–women-of-skiing—15-reasons-we-love-amie-engerbretson
– Pain McShlonkey Classic- Squaw Valley CA 3/30/12– 1st Place Snowblade Chinese Downhill
– Pain McSchlonkey Classic- Squaw Valley, CA 3/23-3/24/12 —  2nd Place Snowblade Chinese Downhill, 2nd Place Snowblade Small Mountain Comp



Get to know Amie

What did you get up to this season? Trips? Filming? 
This season was a whirlwind, I was on the run constantly and it was awesome.  I was filming in Japan, B.C. and Alaska, and traveled to many U.S. resorts including Big Sky, Jackson, Crested Butte, Silverton and more to shoot photos and ski with friends.  This summer I got to go up to AK a second time to for Kings and Corn, this killer trip where you heli corn ski and heli fish for king salmon.  It was incredible!

Where’s your favorite place to ski?
Anywhere there is snow and fun people!  I can have a good time anywhere on skis, but I do really love skiing at my home mountain, Squaw Valley.  I have skied there my whole life, I know every rock, bump and tree!  My second favorite would have to be my home away from home, Alta.  There are so many great people there and the terrain is killer!

If you could travel anywhere to ski, where would you go and why? 
Number one on my list right now is Iceland.  It looks so beautiful there and I really want to ski in some unique places like that.

What are a few favorite songs on your “skin track” or “powder day” playlist?
I have this great playlist of all my favorite songs from ski movies.  I love it because it reminds me of the skiers in the segments and it inspires me to ski like I am in my own ski movies.  For powder days, I love it when ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins comes on!

What inspires you? People? Places? Books? Film? Music? Athletes? Where do you look for inspiration? 
People are my number one inspiration.  I am constantly blown away by what humans can do.  I love it when I find that in myself and I do something I never thought I could!  I am also driven by travel, seeing and skiing all the beautiful mountains of this amazing planet is always incredible and it is one of my main motivations to do what I do.

What are your Corbeaux go-tos? And Why?
I always have my Silkway Long Sleeve and Amie Pants with me.  They are warm, wear and pack well, and don’t smell even if you haven’t washed them in weeks!

When do you wear Corbeaux and how do you use Corbeaux to layer?
Corbeaux is my go to for active layering.  When skiing, Corbeaux is my layer next to my skin, when I am trail running or mountain biking, my Corbeaux layers are in my pack for when the wind picks up!

If you aren’t skiing, where can we find you?
In the summer I am usually on the trail either running, hiking or mountain biking!  The Everyday Tee is perfect for literally everyday.  I bike and run in mine or just throw it on with jeans to run errands!  Looks and feels great for everything!

1 piece of gear that you cannot live without. Who are your other sponsors? 
Oh man… I guess my key piece of gear is my ski boots.  You can’t do anything without happy feet so I always travel with my ski boots as a carry-on so I am never separated from them (even though they smell).  My other sponsors include Spyder, K2 Skis, Smith Optics, Backcountry Access, Marker Bindings, Dalbello and Discrete.

2 truths and 1 lie
I love cats.  I am a killer twerker.  I was in an all girls hip hop dance crew (called Scratch).