Dancing is my drug, especially swing dancing.  I’m an après specialist.  I telemark, snowboard and alpine ski, but tele is my favorite.  My nickname is Shiny.


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Notable Accomplishments

– Guiding the ABC show Rock The Park in the Arrigetch Peaks of Alaska
– Shooting an episode for ESPN Latin America called Chicas y Volcanes (Girls and Volcanoes) where I joined other female skiers to climb and ski as many volcanoes as we could during 3 weeks in Chile


Get to know Brooke

What are you up to this season? Trips? Filming?
I’m starting ski season early this year with a two month trip in Chile climbing and skiing volcanos.  The first month is a filming project with ESPN Latin America to film three episodes with Damian Benegas.  After which, I’ll return to Alaska to teach telemark and alpine skiing at Alyeska Resort, teach avalanche education at The Alaska Avalanche School and teach backcountry skiing and guiding at The Mountain Training School.

Where’s your favorite place to ski?
My favorite place to ski is anywhere in The Chugach Mountains, Alaska.  Whether accessed via Alyeska Resort, on skins or by helicopter, the possibilities in my backyard mountains are absolutely endless, challenging and phenomenal!

If you could travel anywhere to ski that you haven’t visited, where would you go and why?
If i could travel anywhere and ski where would I go and why? This is a hard one as my brain explodes with all the dream list of options, but I think I would have to say the fjords of Norway.  I come from Norwegian heritage and of course I’m a passionate telemark skier so it seems only appropriate to make this quest to my roots.

What are a few of your favorite songs on your “skin track” or “powder day” playlist?
It’s funny, as much as I’m addicted to music and dance, I’ve also never been one to mix music with skiing.  When im in the backcountry, I love the quiet peace of listening to the wild surroundings, the snow, the meditation of my own breathe.  When im powder skiing, my senses are already exploding.  I think if I added music I would just implode with overstimulated bliss, so we can’t have that now can we?

What inspires you?  Where do you look for inspiration?
Female athletes and aesthetic lines inspire me.  The caliber these days of women skiing the big mountains is off the hook.  Being a part of Lynsey Dyer’s film project Pretty Faces truly inspired me as I watched an entire movement of female athletes strive to collaborate on a lifelong dream.  Those women have remained in my life as mentors, inspirations, collaborators and dreamers helping to push each other both on skis and in life.

What are your Corbeaux go-tos, and Why? 
#1 is the Shandoka 1-Z, because who doesn’t love a onesie to call their own?  It’s adorable, practical and the perfect warm layer to rock under my ski clothes.  My other favorites are everything in the Silkweight Collection.  All summer long, guiding in Alaska, I literally lived in these layers and found that even when I’d get back to civilization, I’d still rock the Everyday Tee for its sassy sexy cut and easy feeling on my skin.

When do you wear Corbeaux and how do you use Corbeaux to layer?
I love that Corbeaux’s motto is “because we live in our base layers”, because I do, quite literally.  From working all winter in the ski industry to guiding all summer in remote Alaskan wilderness, there’s very little time you will find me in “street” clothes.  That said, it’s important for me to have stylish fun long underwear that can double as cool leggings under a quick mini skirt change for après, or non-smelly professional looking long johns that can withstand the duration of a guiding lifestyle.  Because the weight of most of Corbeaux ‘s layers is light enough that I can wear it year round and double it up in the long winter months when necessary.  Most importantly I can still look cute when I whip off my ski pants and jacket and launch instantly into a lecture on trip planning for the avy school at the end of a long field day.

If you aren’t skiing, where can we find you? What do you do during non-winter months?
I guide backpacking, rafting and sea kayaking in the remote reaches of Alaska and that definitely calls for all the baselayers to be employed!  In the Fall, I don’t work so I pursue travel wherever that takes me.  This year, the dream was of course skiing volcanos in Chile so all baselayers plus the Smuggler Tank and Everyday Tee employed again.  Even when I venture to warmer climes to get perpetually humbled by my attempt to surf, I still pack the colorful jackpot leggings and tanks and t’s for post surf wear or hikes to waterfalls!

1 piece of gear that you cannot live without:
Definitely my hot pink Corbeaux headband!  In the summer, I actually use it as my eye mask to be able to sleep in a tent during the endless midnight sun! In the winter, of course, combined with Pit Vipers… it makes for an instantly admirable ski look.  Whomever said that headbands went out with the 80’s needs to look again!

Who are your other sponsors?
My other sponsors are Flylow Gear, Ramp skis, Powderhound AK ski shop and Alyeska Resort.

2 truths, 1 lie:
I was a hair model in the 80s.  I used to be lead singer of an all girl cover band for Motley Crue.  When I lived in Africa, the kids in my village ate my cat.