Our Team of Emissaries is made up of very special individuals.  Strong athletes, members of the outdoor community, and passionate about Corbeaux’s environmental & social ethos.  Get to know them and why they are part of our dedicated team of ambassadors.  What is an emissary you might ask?  Read on…


noun,  em·is·sary  \ˈe-mə-ˌser-ē, -ˌse-rē\
: a person who is sent on a mission to represent another person or organization
: one designated as the agent of another: representative, secret agent
: a person sent on a special mission, usually as a diplomatic representative
Synonyms:  ambassador, delegate, attaché, consul, representative, deputy, messenger, courier, agent



                                                    TED MAHON ^                                                          AMIE ENGERBRETSON ^                                                    TJ DAVID ^

                        McKenna Peterson            Whit Boucher            Katrina DeVore

                                           McKENNA PETERSON ^                                                      WHIT BOUCHER ^                                                             KATRINA DeVORE ^

                         Doug Evans            Brooke Edwards            Eric Balken

                                                DOUG EVANS ^                                                               BROOKE EDWARDS ^                                                            ERIC BALKEN ^