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A native of Salt Lake City, Eric spends most of his winter skiing in and around the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.  He made a name for himself by scoring the cover of Backcountry magazine in 2012, and winning local photo and video contests like the Ski Salt Lake Shootout and the Peruvian Video Contest.  Since then, he’s made regular appearances in most major ski magazines.  When not playing in the mountains, Eric runs the Glen Canyon Institute; an environmental non-profit organization focusing on improving the natural flow of the Colorado River through Glen Canyon in Southern Utah.


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Get to know Eric

What do you have lined up for this season? Trips? Filming? 
Hopefully going to Japan again!  Making a trip to wherever it snows and filming for Eliel Hindert’s “Gone Tomorrow” series.

Where’s your favorite place to ski?
The Wasatch backcountry.

If you could travel anywhere to ski, where would you go and why?
Switzerland, because the mountains are big and it’s an iconic country in skiing’s history.

What music is on your “skin track” or “powder day” playlist?
DJ Feral Williams – Live from Electric Forest & DJ Swick James – Around the World in 808

What inspires you and where do you look for inspiration? People? Places? Books? Film? Music? Athletes? 
As corny as it sounds, I’m constantly inspired by the beauty of nature.  Every minute spent outside offers an opportunity for clearing your head and appreciating the world we live in.

What are your Corbeaux go-to’s, and why?  When & how do you wear Corbeaux to layer?
In the summer time I wear the Everyday T pretty much every day for exercising.  Whether hiking, biking, or running, the Everyday T is the ideal shirt that is soft on the skin, extremely light weight, and breathes extremely well.  In the winter I wear the Sopris Long Sleeve as much as possible because it’s the comfiest layer I own.  It wicks sweat incredibly well, and is the perfect lightweight layer four ski touring.

If you aren’t skiing, where can we find you?
When I’m not skiing, I’m running the environmental non profit organization Glen Canyon Institute.  Outside of that, you’ll find me hiking, mountain biking, running, or river rafting.

1 piece of gear that you cannot live without?  Who are your other sponsors?
My water bottle!  Literally can’t live without it.  My other sponsors include Moment Skis, Flylow Outerwear, Julbo Eyewear, Mystery Ranch Backpacks, Cast Touring, Alta, and Brighton.

2 truths, 1 lie
I’m an extraordinary chef.  I built a pond in my backyard this summer.  I’m a vegetarian