Corbeaux Activewear featured as's "best cooling SILKweight fabric"

Corbeaux Activewear featured as's "best cooling SILKweight fabric"

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How to Find the Best Cooling Fabrics to Wear on Unbearably Hot Days

During these dog days of summer, we can’t always sequester ourselves indoors to the comfort of the air conditioning. Sooner or later, we all have to venture out to run errands, go to dinner with friends, go to work, and for some of us, spending time outside is just a way of life. An outdoor lifestyle is more than just getting in a quick workout, run, or bike ride. We long for the ample sunshine and warm days that allow us to recharge before winter once again creeps in and relegates us to spending more time indoors than out. 

Outdoor manufacturers tend to be proactive in choosing fabrics that are ideal for active endeavors as well as lifestyle-related apparel. In recent years, lifestyle brands have started utilizing some of these specific fabrics that allow the wearers to pull double duty should the opportunity arise. So whether you are camping, hiking, running, or just enjoying a concert in the park, it’s important to choose your fabric wisely as it can make the difference between feeling hot or feeling and looking cool.

Here are some key factors to consider when seeking out apparel that will not only be breathable, but also remain cool for those remaining sultry days of summer. 


We can’t always reduce sweating. However, we can assist our body’s natural cooling mechanism to transport the moisture away from our skin so that it evaporates more readily. Certain fabrics help facilitate this more effectively than others.


This depends on the activity. If you are engaging in an active pursuit, you will want to have a fabric that comes into closer contact with the skin. This will allow the fabric to perform its role in moving moisture away from the skin. If you’re spending the time pursuing a more leisurely activity, choosing a looser fitting option is ideal.

Fabric Weight

Fabrics designed for warmer weather are created using a looser weave pattern and tend to be much lighter than those used for creating more warmth.

Additional Features 

Some of the features that are often added to warm weather apparel include pit zips, mesh panels, and vents. 

Here are some of the best fabrics to beat the heat this summer. Additionally, we have included some of our favorite manufacturers within each category to help keep you looking (and feeling) cool and stylish.


Made from a blend of 88% recycled polyester with the remaining portion being comprised of new polyester fiber and Spandex. Corbeaux makes a line of Silkweight Tees that are great for high output activities or just cruising around town.

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