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I was born and raised in the Elk Mountains of Aspen, Colorado and have been skiing since I could walk.  With two worldly parents, we spent a lot of time traveling and living in far off countries including pre-school in Japan, South Africa, and a year in Chamonix, France where I first got into big mountain skiing.  All of this travel fueled my wanderlust and fed my adventurous soul.  After graduating from St. Lawrence University in upstate New York, I was anxious to return home and pursue skiing. I spent the next five years after college competing on the Subaru Freeskiing Tour.  When I am not home enjoying everything that beautiful Aspen, CO has to offer, I am busy exploring the world skiing, climbing, surfing, biking, meeting new people, learning compassion, and spreading joy.  My goal is to share my love for this life, live in alignment with my highest potential, take care of my body, be a steward of the environment, show gratitude, and help inspire others to do the same!

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Katrina Ninja in Japan

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Get to know Katrina

What are you up to this season?  Trips?  Filming?
I hope to make it to Japan again in January and then also potentially spend the month of February in Revelstoke.  I also have a Mountain Collective pass since Aspen/Snowmass is a member, so I may try to hit up a few of the other member resorts on that.

Where’s your favorite place to ski?
My favorite place to ski is wherever it has recently snowed a lot.  I have been fortunate enough to have skied all over the world.  There are a lot of amazing places to ski out there, all with their own unique qualities.  I love skiing in and around Aspen because it is my backyard and we happen to be blessed with some amazing terrain.  I also love exploring new zones and checking out other ski cultures.

If you could travel anywhere to ski, where would you go and why?
We recently went to Bhutan to check out the potential for helicopter skiing.  We unfortunately weren’t able to ski on that particular trip but I would love to go back there and actually have the opportunity to be the first ones to ski in the high Himalayas of Bhutan.  I would also love to check out Gulmarg in Kashmir, as well as Kyrgyzstan.

What is some of your favorite music?  Do you have a “skin-track” or “powder day” play list?
I like to listen to more mellow reflective music on my “skin track” playlist. You would find some songs by Random Rab, Ben Howard, Rising Appalachia, Paul Simon, and Ray Lamontagne. On my “powder day” playlist you would find some more upbeat music like songs by Boombox, Pretty Lights, Talking Heads, and Odesza.

Where do you look for inspiration?  People?  Places?  Books?  Film?  Music?  Athletes?
I find inspiration in all aspects of life.  I find athletes inspiring if they are also good people.  I could care less how good of an athlete you are if you are not first a good person.  And I guess that doesn’t just pertain to athletes.  If you are a kind, loving person that is also aspiring to live up to your potential and you treat others and the environment with respect, I find that inspiring.  It’s amazing to see people really following their dreams and expanding on their talents.  Film festivals such as 5 Point, Banff, and the Telluride Film Festival really inspire me.  I always leave those feeling really fired up to go out into the world and do cool stuff and inspire others to do the same.  Music inspires me!  Places inspire me to love this incredible earth we live on and to do my best to take care of it.  One of my favorite quotes by the Grateful Dead is “once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.”  I think it’s important to be open to lessons and inspiration found in unexpecting situations and experiences.

What are your Corbeaux go-to’s, and why?
I love all of my Corbeaux!  I obviously use it as my base layer for skiing but I certainly don’t limit it to skiing.  It’s awesome for climbing, hiking, biking, yoga, and camping.  I love my onesie on powder days or for when I’m out being a ninja (see photo)!!

If you aren’t out skiing, where can we find you?
Even when I am skiing, good luck finding me!!  I’m kind of everywhere doing everything all the time.  When I’m not skiing, I am most likely climbing, mountain biking, at the beach surfing, at a concert or music festival, doing yoga, playing ice hockey, rafting, camping, hiking, or hanging out at a coffee shop somewhere.  I like to do things outside!  I also love to travel but if I’m going to travel it’s probably for one of those above activities.  I also teach skiing in the winter and work coat check at the Belly Up, Aspen’s local kick-ass music venue.

List 1 piece of gear that you cannot live without.  Who are your other sponsors?
Ski boots are pretty important, although I always seem to have a hard time dialing in my ski boots.  Having skis that I enjoy skiing on is also important to me.  And of course base layers are important, but I haven’t had any issues with that since I’ve been in Corbeaux.  My other sponsors include Zeal Optics, Faction Skis, Strafe Outerwear, Pret Helmets, Astis Mittens, Panda Poles, Guayaki Yerba Mate, The Aspen Club & Spa, and Aspen/Snowmass.

2 truths, 1 lie
I went to preschool in Japan.  I have a cat named Sacred G short for Sacred Geometry.  I love chicken wings.