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Doug Evans Interview

Counting Snowdrifts You’ve Skied How Many Months in a Row?   July 2015 on Grays Peak in Colorado: “A long approach got me to a thousand feet of skiing on the quiet side of a busy 14er.” Doug Evans in his element high in the Front Range of Colorado. He’s skied 196 months in a …

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Ted Mahon Interview Year Round Maintenance

Year-Round Maintenance How Ski Mountaineer and Ultra-Runner Ted Mahon Finds Balance   Ted Mahon enjoying a sunrise during the challenging and exclusive Hardrock 100 trail running race. On the summit plateau of Mount Whitney, 14,508 ft., the tallest mountain in the Lower 48, ready to ski. May 2017             In …

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skiing Wilson Peak

Skiing the ‘Coors Light Face’ of Wilson Peak (14,017 ft)   Fun fact: the mountainous design on every Coors Light bottle and can is based off of a real, skiable peaks in Colorado’s San Juans. And Wilson Peak, the most prominent mountain seen right in the middle of Coors’ design, was recently skied by two …

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Brooke Edwards skiing Volcán Antuco in Chile by Mary McKintyre

Lava Flow: Endless Winter Brooke Edwards’ Constant Pursuit of Making Turns   “…On the top of Villarica…staring down into the summit caldera with lava growling and spitting and spurting up at me…then turning and dropping in to ski perfect corn snow for thousands of feet at a perfect 38-40 degree slope? I mean, how crazy …

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