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TJ grew up skiing the icy slopes of Killington and Sugarbush, Vermont.  After graduating from College in 2009 he moved west to Utah in search of deeper snow and bigger mountains, taking with him his childhood passion for skiing.  While in Utah, TJ began competing on the Freeskiing World Tour and working with local photographers.  Initial successes in events on the tour and through publications helped TJ land his first sponsors in 2010.  The following year, TJ moved to Aspen, Colorado, which he now calls home.  Since moving to Aspen in 2011, TJ has taken his skiing to new levels, with several top 15 finishes in freeskiing events, and film appearances in Warren Miller’s Like There’s No Tomorrow and Ticket to Ride.  Through his work with some of the industry’s best photographers, TJ has also appeared in every major ski publication, billboards throughout Denver and extensively in Aspen/Snowmass marketing material. His passion for skiing and creative approach to the sport can be seen through two seasons of his own webisode series Storm Cycles, which he produced for Skiing and Freeskier Magazines.  TJ has also competed in a number of international film and photo competitions, most recently The Process by Jesse Hoffman took second place at the #REDirect film competition in 2016.  Now with over 25 years of skiing experience, TJ focuses on portraying what lies far outside the boundaries of his local ski area through the purest facet of our sport; climbing and skiing.  He has had human-powered ski descents in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador as well as North America.  TJ regards these adventures as paramount in his time on skis, with over 25 peaks skied between North and South America during the 2015/16 winter.


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Notable Accomplishments

– Recently published in Aka Skidor (Winter, 2016), Ski Magazine and Freeskier Magazine (Fall, 2016)
– Featured in Director Jesse Hoffman’s entry in the REDirect Film Competition
– Ski Descent of Volcán Cotopaxi, Ecuador, Summer 2015
– Previously published in every major ski publication (2011-2016)
– Appearances in Warren Miller’s Like There’s no Tomorrow & Ticket to Ride
– Multiple Top 15 Finishes in FWT Events (2009-2014)



Get to know TJ

What do you have lined up for this season? Trips? Filming?
I’m looking forward to a couple trips this winter.  One I’m just putting the final touches on is a trip to my old stomping grounds in Salt Lake City with Utah tourism in early January.  I’m also really stoked to head overseas at the end of March with a trip to a place completely foreign to me, Chamonix and La Grave, France.  The rest of the season I’ll be home in Aspen skiing the resort, working with photographers on various projects and training to stay in shape for ski mountaineering season.  Once things settle up high I’ll be hitting the road to ski as many new peaks as possible around Colorado.  I also have my annual pilgrimage back down to South America in August of 2017 to look forward to.

Where’s your favorite place to ski?
I love skiing at home.  There is nothing more enjoyable than an untracked lap down the Northwoods of the Highland bowl on a storm day.  Outside of North America, if there was one place I could ski every day for the rest of my life, it would be Las Leñas, Argentina.

If you could travel anywhere to ski that you haven’t visited, where would you go and why?
There are a million places I’d love to go visit and ski.  I try to keep my dreams realistic.  The fjords of Iceland have been on the top of my list for awhile.  But, right now I’ve been thinking a lot about one of the classic ascents and descents of Mont Blanc.  Hopefully if things line up well this year we’ll get to give that a shot.

What are a few of your favorite songs on your “skin track” or “powder day” playlist?
I’m not a “get pumped up” kind of person on the mountain, so you’ll find me listening to more mellow stuff like Bonobo’s Late Night Tales or The North Borders albums.  Something to keep the heart rate down and the mind focused.

What inspires you? People? Places? Books? Film? Music? Athletes? Where do you look for inspiration?
This is a loaded question for me!  I always look to my peers for inspiration.  I’m fortunate to get to ski with a lot of really talented and athletic men and women right here in Aspen.  I think a lot of my skiing, my drive, is a natural bio-product of being around people with those same ambitions, parallel ideas and feelings for adventure, skiing, and the mountains.  I’m constantly pushed to be my best self, to grow, to look inward, to improve and to learn through my experiences here at home.  This is hugely empowering for me as an athlete because it helps give me that extra bit of confidence, that extra push to get out of my comfort zone and to travel into unfamiliar places like Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ecuador and Peru in search of skiing.  When it comes to athleticism and personality, I find a lot of inspiration in athletes like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.  Lately, I’ve been following skiers like Vivian Bruchez and Kilian Jornet.  Their combination of fitness and technical skiing ability is extremely inspiring, and certainly an area I am focusing on progressing in my own pursuits.  Aside from these things, I’ve found inspiration through books from authors like Alan Watts, Deng Ming-Dao and Paramhansa Yogananda as well as being captivated by the incredible imagery of photographers like Jimmy Chin and motion of Sherpas Cinema.

What are your Corbeaux go-tos? And why?
The TJ Pant and a Silkweight top, either a Men’s Everyday Tee or Sopris Long Sleeve, make up my basic kit for most days on the mountain.  The Silkweight bottoms and top offer the perfect marriage between breathability, warmth and next-to-skin comfort.  Great for sunny days on the resort or for touring in the backcountry.  Over a Silkweight top I’ll throw on a Chinook hoody for a bit of added warmth if it’s a colder resort day or I need protection from the sun.  The hood is a big plus, very functional.  For storm days on the hill you’ll find me in my Shandoka Onesie.  It keeps me warm always.

If you aren’t skiing, where can we find you?
When I’m not skiing you’ll find me hitting the single-track around Aspen.  We have some incredible loops just outside our neighborhood and I’m out there five or six days a week working on maintaining my fitness, enjoying the freedom of the woods and learning to run up hills.  I also live in Argentina four to five months a year with my wife, where I take two or three trips to Patagonia and the Northern Andes to ski.  My goal is to always ski within the four seasons of the calendar year and I subsidize this through working at a local hotel at night during the winter.  Unfortunately, Corbeaux baselayers aren’t part of my uniform there 🙁

1 piece of gear (skis, boots, base layers, goggles, anything) that you cannot live without? Who are your other sponsors?
I couldn’t live without my ski boots. Period. I’m really finicky about my feet and if they don’t feel a certain way inside my boots I never feel like I can ski to my potential. The boots have to be dialed. Period.  My other current partners include Kastle, Flylow, and Aspen/Snowmass.

2 truths, 1 lie
I love yoga.  I love running uphill.  I make my own Kombucha