Covering Your Face? 3 Ways to use The Necker and Balaclava Outdoors

Covering your face or need a face mask? Enjoy the outdoors with a stylish Corbeaux Balaclava or Necker!

Spring Uphilling and Skiing:

It is always a good idea to protect your skin from the elements and covering your face will keep the UVA/UVB rays at bay. Skiers are used to wearing both these items every day out on the slopes. Nothing has changed. Now as we abide by "social distancing" guidelines, when you encounter another person on the hill you can keep both parties safe and protected.


mountain running

Many popular running trails don't have a lot of space to pass other people, so wearing the Necker or Balaclava can offer you protection.  It allows you to shelter your skin from the sun and to protect yourself and others as a face mask while on the trails.


woman hiking

If you go for a hike and meet people out and about, you are able to stop and chat safely with the Necker or Balaclava. People are a bit starved for human interaction at the moment, so a quick hike can easily turn into a much longer adventure.