• New Spring 2020 Women's Activewear

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New Spring 2020 Women's Activewear

New Spring 2020 Men's Activewear

UPF 50+ for the Trail, Water or Snow


High-Performance Base Layers and Activewear

MADE IN THE USA and sourced from SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS, Corbeaux makes fashion-forward, high-performance base layers and activewear for all of your athletic pursuits. Soft on the skin yet extremely durable, our uniquely designed styles feature quick-drying, fast-wicking, temperature-regulating fabrics. 

Built By Hand in St. Paul, Minnesota 🇺🇸

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Sustainable Apparel Fabrics

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50+ UPF Sun Protection


♻️ Our fabrics are Bluesign™️ Approved

Recycled materials + US manufacturing + Responsible Supply Chain = REDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT.
We strive to use recycled materials that allow us to divert waste from landfills, and consequently reduce pollution and energy consumption.  

Feature Rich Designs

Corbeaux - The Story Behind the Brand

"While the Ajax has been on countless inclement ski tours and rainy trail runs with me, I really fell in love with it on a blazing-hot day of spring skiing. Being a henley, it allowed me to dump a good amount of heat when I opened the four snaps below the collar once I started sweating. On cold days, the extra-thin polyester wicks moisture from my skin with the best of them, while also feeling cottony smooth. On top of that, the Ajax [is competitive] when it comes to style, thanks to the snaps and stripes. And it earns bonus points for being handmade in Minnesota."

Joe Jackson - Outside Magazine