Pro Accounts

CORBEAUX \ KorbŌ : Ravens (French)

Stylish. Rugged. Comfortable. Developed by athletes.

🇺🇸 Manufactured in the U.S.A. with ♻️ Bluesign™️ Certified Fabrics

Are you an outdoor industry professional?  First responder?  Medical Professional?  We would love to support you!  Shoot us an email at with the following info:
- Name
- Email
- Phone
- Proof of employment or influence
-Upon approval we will send you a personal code you can use throughout the current season.  Proof of employment must be provided annually and a new code will be given to you upon renewal of your professional account with Corbeaux.  
-Please do not abuse this privilege and use your discount code for yourself only.  If you wish to use your code to buy gifts, please contact us first so we do not cancel your orders that appear to be abusive of our policy.  
-Corbeaux is also LIVE on ExpertVoice and Outdoor Prolink!  If you are already a member of OPL, you can find our products there as well.