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TGR Interviews Corbeaux Co-Founder Adam Moszynski

After a chance encounter on the steamy dance floor of Aspen’s Club Chelsea brought visiting recent college graduates Adam Moszynski and Darcy Conover together in the fall of 2004, a spark was ignited, and the couple soon moved to Aspen, Colorado to take up ski bumming full time.

In the years that followed, Moszynski became locally well known for his top-10 finishes on the Freeskiing World Tour, a rare ski descent of Ecuador’s 19,347-foot Mt Cotopaxi, as well as climbing all of Colorado’s 14ers. Conover herself is an accomplished skier, having skied 44 of Colorado’s highest 100 peaks, in addition to exploring many of the state’s lesser endowed but equally daunting mountains.

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