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Custom & Special Makeup

Special Make Up and Embellishment Offerings

Now you can communicate your brand narrative through apparel that is Colorado-based, US-manufactured, and sourced from post-consumer recycled materials. Corbeaux brings the soft feel and highest performance materials to you and your brands.

Inline Program:

Inline product is available for aftermarket embellishment via silkscreen or heat transfer. Corbeaux does not provide the printing and services for embellishment. The product delivers to your preferred vendor un-embellished. We can help secure a vendor, if you wish. These orders carry a $750 minimum (negotiable), ship at-once or as product is available, and COD payment terms.

Custom Program: 

Special Make Up logowear is available with 8-12 week lead time. These build-to-demand orders (can) replace the Corbeaux chest logo with your own. Corbeaux branding remains in subtle ways, adding value and connecting the brand-story. These orders carry a 100MOQ per style, which can be spread across sizes and colors. Build-to-demand orders carry 100% prepayment terms.


Contact us for details, timelines and pricing structure: