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TGR Interviews Corbeaux Co-Founder Adam Moszynski

After a chance encounter on the steamy dance floor of Aspen’s Club Chelsea brought visiting recent college graduates Adam Moszynski and Darcy Conover together in the fall of 2004, a spark was ignited, and the couple soon moved to Aspen, Colorado to take up ski bumming full time.

Full article Has High Praise for Corbeaux Fabrics

In addition to Corbeaux’s high performance, I was impressed by the feel of their fabrics. Every product we tested was exceptionally soft, comfortable to wear, and had a good cut. Forget the itchiness of even the finest merino wool. Corbeaux’s synthetic blends might win you over.

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Mountain Town Magazine profiles Corbeaux and founders

Conover and her husband, Corbeaux cofounder Adam Moszynski, had worked as sponsored athletes for nearly a decade when they formed the idea for the company while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on their honeymoon in 2012. The couple spent the next two years preparing for the launch of their first line, drawing upon their past experience as professional gear testers for inspiration.

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Outside's Best Onesies of 2018

Then there are the base-layer onesies, which beg to be worn from first chair to fireplace. The most stylish of the lot is the Shandoka 1Z 2.0 from Corbeaux Clothing, which doesn’t require you to look like a toddler at a sleep­over. The Aspen-based brand simultaneously delivers cushy comfort and a roomy, athletic fit with the backcountry-ready piece. The Shandoka has plenty of performance chops, too, including a stretchy spandex-and-recycled-polyester fabric, an over-the-boot cut, and thumb loops for more hand coverage.

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Outside Names Silkway Top One of The Best Base and Midlayers of 2018

“It really felt exactly like silk,” said one tester who wore the recycled polyester Silkyway almost exclusively last season. The gossamer top was perfectly warm on its own but still wicked moisture underneath layers.

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Mama Wild and Free Interviews Corbeaux co-founder Darcy Conover

Darcy Conover, co-founder of Corbeaux Clothing, knows what is important to her and ensures that her company embodies her values from source materials, through production and distribution. She has the sort of quiet confidence that tells you she will set the world on fire. Not through force or the sheer power of will, but through grace.

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Ski Mag - Look Like A Local, Wear Corbeaux


Aspen’s adventure-driven lifestyle has bred performance-based gear built to go just as hard as the locals do. Corbeaux, known for its eco-friendly baselayers, is tried and tested by hard-charging Aspenites.

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Outside on how Corbeaux "Perfected the Base Layer"

Darcy Conover envied her husband, Adam Moszynski, every time they skied together, but not for his skills. Both are professional ski mountaineers, and Conover has summited prominent objectives around the Western Hemisphere, including 92 of Colorado’s Centennial Peaks, the 100 highest peaks in the state. What Moszynski had was a one-piece base layer that outperformed anything in Conover’s closet. It taunted her: why couldn’t she get something awesome like that?

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Outside Recommends Corbeaux When Layering Up

Your bottom layer counts the most. Start with a thin, breathable, wicking baselayer like Corbeaux’s Cusco Long Sleeve, a versatile top with thumb loops, a hole for your altimeter watch, and a sporty fit.

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Backcountry Magazine on Corbeaux's Join The Flight Program

In 2014, Adam and his wife, Darcy Conover, started a baselayer company, Corbeaux Clothing. Adam and I then traveled to Ecuador as part of Corbeaux Clothing’s Join the Flight campaign with nearly 100 assorted items of apparel to donate to the country’s national guiding association, Asociacion Ecuatorania de Guias de Montaña (ASEGUIM); however, that wasn’t our only mission. We planned to ski Ecuador’s three highest peaks—Chimborazo (20,702 ft.), Cotopaxi (19,347 ft.) and Cayambe (18,996 ft.).

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Outside on Small Companies With Big Impact

A one-year-old mom-and-pop startup in Aspen, Colorado, Corbeaux makes a small assortment of athlete-designed mountain apparel for men and women, from baselayers to thermal onesies for frigid powder days. They use eco-conscious bamboo and recycled polyester, and their Join the Flight program to personally distribute gently used clothes to guides and porters in mountain communities all over the world is more than an afterthought.

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